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Chicken and Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

(from my old blog…) Monday night I wanted comfort food for dinner. So this is what I did:

Cut up a bunch of red-skinned new potatoes, put them in a pot with cold water to cover, and boiled them until they were fork tender.

While that was in the works, I fried 2 strips of bacon in a pan until crisp. Removed them from the pan and sauteed a small, chopped onion for a few minutes.

To that I added some baby portobello mushroom caps, covered everything and cooked until the mushrooms had browned and released their liquid.

I took out the onions and mushroms and seared some sliced boneless, skinless chicken breast pieces on both sides.

Removed them and put in some butter and flour and chicken stock, whisked it all together til smooth, then put back the chicken, onions and mushrooms, some salt and pepper, and cooked until the chicken was cooked through and the gravey thickened.

When the potatoes were done I drained them, put them in the bowl of my Kitchenaid mixer, added butter, milk, salt, peper and a bit of the bacon, chopped up. Beat that all together (but left some lumps.) I reheated some baby asparagus from Sunday's lunch, and served it up for my husband and myself. (I'd been feeding my son while I was leaping around making dinner).

It was very good. Last night I pureed a bit of the potatoes, chicken, a mushroom, and some gravy and fed it to my son. He liked it too. 

5 thoughts on “Chicken and Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

  1. Mmmmmmmmm!!! It must be back to school time… this sounds really great! When I first read through this I got to the part where you pureed some of the food for your son and I thought, ‘What happened to Alex?? Did he get some teeth pulled??’ I was about to go wading through your blog to find out what I missed when I noticed the date! 😀 Also explains why there are no FAB pictures… Can’t wait to try this…

  2. Ok, I’m back… Why? Because it’s been more than two years since I commented on this post and this is STILL one of my favorite recipes…

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