So Here I Am…

Sitting and waiting. I’m having furniture delivered – 3 chairs and a sleeper sofa – sometime today between 10 and 1…so I rushed home from work to take the gate off the doorway to the basement (where one chair and the sofa will go) and also the bannister off the wall leading down into the basement. Cordless drills are fun! And – here’s the really entertaining part – I unscrewed the last screw that held the bannister to the lower bracket – and the bannister slid (wheeeee!) down the surfaces of the brackets and slammed into the wall, leaving a nice, brand-new mark on our freshly-painted basement walls. Oh well – that’s what the extra paint is for. So anyway, did all the handy-woman work, and cleared all Alex’s toys out of the way in the living room…did some of the dishes that were left from last night, so the kitchen doesn’t look so awful now…and…I’m sitting here, typing rather than twiddling my thumbs. Every time I hear what sounds like a heavy vehicle lumbering up the road I leap from my chair, over the baby gate that keeps Alex away from the computer and all the music-related stuff, and to the front window…and no one is there. Oh well. Some time out of work isn’t such a bad thing. Hang on – I hear something…nope. I think it was rocks rolling around in my brain. Wow…this is awful – prime time to say something and of course I have nothing to say except drivel. Well…let’s see…in addition to the furniture that’s coming today, the new carpeting was put down in the basement on Wednesday, thus completing the repairs to all the damage done by the flood we had down there in August. The only thing left is to have the vanity/cabinet thing replaced in the bathroom on the main floor. We’re going to Home Depot with the contractor tomorrow to pick something out. I have a feeling that whatever we get is going to be some kind of painted particleboard thing…the original cabinet was the original wood cabinet from when the house was built, and before we purchased the house, the contractors had just put a new countertop and sink basin/faucet/etc in. So it was a nice blend of old and new. I think whatever it’s replaced with will be all new…oh well. AND, tomorrow we can also go to Pier One to pick up the corner cabinets that we’d ordered a few weeks ago. They will go in the living room and replace the less sturdy corner bookcases we have up now. These newer things will be more Alex-proof. The only thing we’re waiting for is one more bookcase to go in the dining room for the cookbooks that used to be in the kitchen until we ditched that (rickety and 20 years old) bookcase with the hutch that used to be in Bill’s mom’s kitchen. The hutch looks better. And most of the cookbooks are locked in the lower portion – locked, so Alex can’t take them out and play with them. Or toss them down the basement stairs. So by Christmas, the place should be looking quite improved. Ummmmm… Okay, that’s enough for now. I have typed enough rather lame things for one morning…though if they aren’t here soon I may be back… so keep your fingers crossed that they arrive soon…..

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