In the Cookie Jar

The Cookie Tradition, Continued…

I have been given a welcome nod and a nudge, as well, from Sheila regarding my post the other day about my mother-in-law’s traditional cookie baking. I inherited that role in the family after her all-too-soon passing last November. One might say the spatula has been passed…. (or one might not, depending on one’s sense of humor).

Anyway, I had promised to post a cookie recipe, and I’ll probably post more than that – we’ll see how it goes tonight. But before I do that, just a quick little link to the website for a company that sells many, many cookie presses and springerle molds, and other cookie-making books and supplies. My mother-in-law had purchased one, possibly two, springerle molds in recent years, and I have just recently ordered a few as well…to build the collection.

The place is called House on the Hill, and if you’re at all interested in making springerle, or just interested in cookie-making in general, you should check them out.

With that little reference made, I’ll be right back with a couple of recipes…

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