The Moon on the Crest of the New Fallen Snow…

Okay, there's not really any snow. But when I first got up this morning and came downstairs (sometime around 4 or 4:30), I thought we'd left the back door light on – but we hadn't – so where was that light coming from?

The moon. It was full a day or so ago, so it's still pretty huge in the sky this morning. And on a cold, cloudless night (or morning, rather) like this – it's practically blinding. I tried going back to sleep, but can't, and since I don't know what my chances will be of writing later today – when everyone else is up – I figured if I wanted to say anything I'd better say it now…. Alex seems to have things to say right now too, but I keep hoping he'll fall back to sleep. It's too early for him to be up.

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