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The Painters are Coming! The Painters are Coming!

Yes, it's another thrill-filled day here….

On Tuesday the "ceiling guy" came and plastered up the holes (from the flood in August) and made the swirly texture of the basement ceiling look like new, except for the slight color difference.  And today (a day earlier than expected)

the painters are coming to do the ceiling and walls…and then next week – the carpet! Wa-hoooooo, is there no end to the excitement around here???

AND – our friend John is coming over tonight to cook dinner for us, so when I get home from work, not only will the basement look a little brighter and a little whiter, but there will be someone IN MY KITCHEN – COOKING!

Very much looking forward to this.

The other night Bill and Alex and I went out to dinner…Alex is very good in restaurants (so far), and he loves to try everything. In fact, he demands that we share. The best fun, though, was before the meal started.  Alex was playing with his empty sippy cup and we were waiting for the waitress to bring our drinks – and all of a sudden Alex flung the sippy cup up and sideways – and I caught it, fortunately – but if I hadn't, it would have flipped over the half wall beside our table and onto the food-and-wine laden table on the other side. Surprise!

Fortunately – no removal of red wine or spaghetti sauce stains from the clothes of strangers to pay for….

Well, at this moment, Alex is shouting something that sounds pretty bossy and important. He has also tossed several of his balls down the stairs, and I should go and retrieve them so the painters don't slip and fall and sue us when they arrive…

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