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Two Scallop Recipes

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I made both of these for a clambake/cookout we had. Did each with about a pound and a half of fresh sea scallops….

A note about searing – scallops cook rather quickly, so at most these should be on each side about two-three minutes, depending on the individual size of each scallop. Overcooked seafood is a sin.

Sea Scallops with Lime

You'll need:

A pound and a half of sea scallops

A lime (all the juice and about a teaspoon of zest)

Some oil

Some fresh chives for garnish (optional)

A pan

A pair of tongs to turn the scallops over when you sear them

First, heat some oil in a pan

Place the scallops in the oil, not too close together, and sear, first on one end, then the other. (Scallops are shaped like little cylinders, if they're not smushed.)

When you finish the second sear for all the scallops, pour in the lime juice and swirl it around in the pan. Stir the scallops around a bit in the lime juice as it warms up, then remove scallops, place in a bowl, pour the pan juice over them, and sprinkle with the lime zest and the chopped chives.

We served these as appetizers at the clambake, but they'd also be nice divided between two hungry people, with some rice on the side and a green salad and the cold beverage of your choice.

Blackened Sea Scallops With Sauteed Bell Peppers

This recipe was adapted from a recipe for bluefish in the book Miss Ruby's American Cooking by Ruby Adams Bronz. I was going to link to it, but apparently it's now out of print.

The bluefish recipe is called "Provincetown Bluefish" – and it's very good also*.

But for another party we had once, I thought I'd try it using scallops instead, and it was very popular. I've lessened the amount of heat per scallop – but if you like a lot of heat, blacken both "ends" of the scallop instead of only one as I do in the recipe.

Here goes –

A pound and a half of sea scallops

Two green bell peppers and two red bell peppers, seeded, julienned, and minced.

1 T paprika

1 T black pepper

1 t cayenne pepper

1/2 t dried thyme

8 T olive oil (half for the peppers, half for the scallops)

8 anchovy fillets, drained and chopped

4 t balsamic vinegar

Okay. First, combine the paprika, black and cayenne peppers, and the dried thyme. Set aside.

Pour 4 T oil in a large skillet, and sautee the bell peppers, stirring occasionally, until soft. Stir in the chopped anchovy and cook until it dissolves. Shut off the heat, and stir in the balsamic vinegar.

In another pan, heat the remaining oil. Tap one end of each scallop into the paprika/peppers/thyme mixture, and set, that side down, in the hot oil. Sear on one side, then turn over and sear on the other.

Arrange the bell pepper mixture in a large bowl, then arrange the scallops, paprika/pepper/thyme side up, on top of them.

I garnished this with a couple of dried red chili peppers, just to let people know they were spicy. Again, we served these as appetizers, but they'd make a nice meal too.

* To make the bluefish recipe, just julienne the bell peppers, don't mince them. And substitute 2 1-lb bluefish fillets, skinned, for the scallops.

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