New Words and Other Fun Stuff

I can hear them growling and laughing upstairs. Bill is changing Alex’s diaper. Why? Well, yes, because it needed to be done. But more importantly – because Alex has started telling us when he needs it done. More specifically, one of Alex’s newer words is “poo poo.” (Or is that a phrase?) Anyway, he understandsContinue reading “New Words and Other Fun Stuff”

I Have No Gift to Bring…

Ahh, December the 26th. All the pre-Christmas rush is done, Christmas day is past, and there is absolutely nothing I have to do today. We had a nice Christmas. On Christmas Eve Bill’s nephew, Joe, came over and his girlfriend, Emily arrived soon after, and we had a little Christmas exchange of gifts with them…Alex,Continue reading “I Have No Gift to Bring…”

Mise en Place

Mise en place (pronounced “meez-en-plahs”) is a French phrase which means, basically, “to put in place,” – and what it refers to in professional (and not-so-professional) kitchens is getting all your ingredients measured (or scaled) out, prepped, and ready to go, so that when you actually start cooking or baking, you don’t have to suddenlyContinue reading Mise en Place