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Baby Update

I had my Level 2 ultrasound today.

I’ve been really feeling tense and anxious and stressed about how this baby is doing. Worried that there might be something wrong – some nameless, unsubstantiated thing might be wrong. I think I was like this with my son, but I don’t remember being as emotional about it…

I think some of it has been compounded by the holidays, and by also having a toddler instead of just being pregnant. Less to deal with last time….

But anyway, Bill and I went together, and got to spend who knows how long (time flew and stopped, all at the same time) looking at these black and white images of our next child. The woman doing the sonogram has been doing this for 13 years, and she was zipping along through it, finding bones and organs, taking measurements, tapping numbers into the computer…it’s fascinating to watch. The little heart beating…arms and legs moving…the little head…the spine (my favorite “part” for some reason)…and then, all of a sudden, she announced it:

“It’s a girl!”

I actually burst out laughing, and then looked over at Bill, who looked stunned. There have been so many boys born on his side of the family (he has a single niece in two generations of relatives) that I guess he really did not expect that he might father a daughter.

I laughed some more. I laughed a lot. Great peals of it. I think some of it was relief that everything looks good, that my baby looks like she’s developing normally, has all her organs forming correctly – all of that. But I also kept looking at Bill’s face…watched him try to wrap his mind around this strange turn of events…it was delightful.

And, actually, I am coming to the realization that I’m kind of surprised, too. I think I must have expected another son as well, because now I keep having these “Wow! I’m having a girl!” moments.


Alex will have a baby sister.

I called my “baby sister”, my mother, and one of my sisters-in-law after the ultrasound. My sister has been predicting a girl since the beginning, so I called her first.

And tomorrow morning I’m going to talk to the person probably happiest of all about this news. My niece, Natalie.

Natalie is 8. When I was pregnant with Alex, she, of course, wanted me to have a girl, and her brother, Calvin, naturally was urging my growing belly to produce a boy. Well, he won that round.

And my sister told me today that Natalie cried when I gave birth to a boy. I hadn’t known that. But I imagine she’ll be rather pleased about this next cousin-to-be….


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