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It’s been a while, hasn’t it… The past couple of weeks have just flown by, and between work, family, house, wanting to do more baking, and having a horrible sinus infection that is finally getting better, I just haven’t had the energy to write. I’ve had lots of thoughts…lots of ideas…lots of things that pop into my head at various moments throughout this past bunch of days…but damned if I can remember any of them right now. Cooked dinner tonight for our friend John…nothing fancy, just a little antipasto of olives and prosciutto and cheese…and pasta with a meat and mushroom sauce…and a salad of baby greens with walnuts, cucumbers and dried cranberries…and a loaf of ciabatta, which we dipped in olive oil…(I can make ciabatta, but I didn’t make this loaf…will probably start baking bread regularly again AFTER Christmas… Anyway…(my train of thought is often derailed lately)…dinner was nice until Alex decided he was ready to go to bed…and I picked him up out of his highchair…and…well…to be as un-gross as possible…a frightening sound emerged from his abdominal region, and scary stuff came running out of his diaper and down his leg…and on my dress…and the floor….oh, joy. Apparently there is some intestinal bug going around daycare…and it’s visiting my son right now. He doesn’t seem sick…no fever…but he’s not eating like he normally does (with a hearty appetite and lots of "MM-mm!s")…so he’s obviously not completely well, either. I have a feeling I will either be staying home with him tomorrow, or, if I bring him in, I’ll get the phone call at work to come pick him up…so we’ll see how the night goes. And…um…haven’t done much baking – made more springerle, still have one more batch of dough in the freezer…and this weekend, which is semi-free, I plan to do a TON of cookie baking. I have to get it done – have to get things ready to ship out to Bill’s uncle and brothers in various states so everything arrives before Christmas. And there’s the shopping to do, too…which I love – it’s just been a question of finding the time. I know it’s there somewhere…and maybe I’m just not being efficient enough with it…but I haven’t been able to find much of it lately. But it will get done. And that is it for me for tonight. I’m tired, and I have a feeling I might be getting up to clean up a little boy at some point during the night. OH – but wait – speaking of that little boy – he knows the word "knee" (and what it means) and "elbow." My brilliant little man…and we got him some snow boots, which he loves – and he calls them "boo"….and insists on wearing them to and from daycare. Okay, now I’m going. Ni-night.

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