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Finding Memo

No, that’s not “memo” as in something posted for the company to read…it’s MEE-mo, as in rhymes with Nemo, as in the movie title.

Alex loves it. I bought it on DVD last week (I think it was right after my last post, when I also bought a bag of 6 whiffle balls (wiffle balls? sp?), 2 6-packs of ping-pong balls, and a couple of generic rubber bouncy balls – all to keep in my car for emergencies…).

Anyway, bought the movie, and Alex is obsessed. He has never really sat down and watched anything on TV – until this. I’m both tickled and concerned. But – no, no need to be concerned…he loves his books too. I digress…

Right now my husband and son are downstairs watching some of “Mee-mo” (which is how Alex is saying “Nemo” – the only time he uses “N” is in “NO!” which is fortunately rare.) and the reason I rushed to post about this is because the two of them were down there chanting along with the fish tank fish at the night time “welcoming” ceremony for Nemo…(for those who haven’t seen it – rent it.)

The chant goes something like “Ah ho ah hee ah ho ho ho” over and over. It is chanted by the male fish in the tank (Austin Pendleton, Willem Defoe (Dafoe?) and the guy who plays Robert on “Everybody Loves Raymond).

Bill and Alex both chanted right along.

It was pretty amusing.

I guess you had to be here….

Gotta go – I have grapenut pudding and chocolate pudding to make for a combined birthday party for my father, my husband, and my brother-in-law.

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