Has it Been That Long?

I didn’t realize my last post was so long ago. It’s been busy (poor excuse, I know) and… Oh never mind – I have no good excuse, I just haven’t made this a priority. Instead, I traded in my old, faithful, starting-to-go Plymouth Sundance and got a Subaru Outback. I’ve had it for a week. I went to the dealership just intending to test drive one, and 3 hours later I was driving one home. I felt a little giddy. When the salesman asked "do you want to drive it home today?" I was immediately a little kid again, at the shoe store, and the salesman there was asking if I wanted to wear my new Keds home. Of course! So…I have a new car. I’m still in a little bit of shock…and it’s weird not to see the Sundance out there – I’ve had that for around 10 years – but this Outback is NICE. Right now it’s back at the dealer’s getting a trailer hitch put on. The only accessory I added to the basic package. I really don’t need a 6 CD stereo….Anyway, that’s one little bit of news. What else… My nephew, Calvin, recently won the Sparring Champion of the Year competition in his age group – he is also apparently rapidly sprouting facial hair and told my sister the other day "Mom, I have to get rid of this hair on my lip!" She told him emphatically that he isn’t going to start shaving yet. He was rather disappointed. (I think I’ve mentioned before that he’s eleven, haven’t I?) My son is progressing to phrases and sentences…"bye bye ball"…"Up-a-dow" (up and down…as he jumps)… The woman at daycare continues to irritate me…the other day, when I went to pick Alex up, she mentioned that she wished he’d learn another word besides "ball." Yes, he says that a lot, but I told her "he knows plenty of other words – he just prefers this one." (I find, as I rehash this and other episodes with this woman in my mind, that I keep wanting to tack on another "b" word at the end of every sentence…but I won’t. I’ll just think it.) She also thwarted my attempt to ease the stress of leaving the daycare plastic ball at daycare…I had brought with me a couple of little plastic balls – just in case he was playing with (or simply holding) a ball or two or three when I got there. He was, of course. A little ping pong ball. And here comes that woman, hurrying him into his coat and telling him to give her the ball (HA! Fat chance, lady!) I took one of the balls from my pocket and offered it to him. He took it in his right hand, and before I could get the other ball for his left hand (so he would give up the daycare ball) she took – without preamble – that one from his clutches. Of course, tears and protests followed. I offered the replacement ball, but at first he didn’t want it, and I can’t say I blamed him. She was wrong to just grab the ball. If he did it, he’d be corrected. I wanted to give her a good shove…(for some reason I get these intense violent urges in reaction to things she does or says) but anyway, Alex finally took the other ball and I gathered up the rest of his things and we departed. She did say, after he had cried a little, that "maybe I’ll let you handle that next time." Good plan. B…… nope, I didn’t say it. I only thought it. Some other favorite new Alex expressions…when he finds something he’s been looking for, he now exclaims "Aha!" He’s learned to jump "up-a-dow!" – oh – last weekend I had Sesame Street on, and REM was on there singing "Shiny Happy People/Furry Happy Monsters" and dancing around with a lot of, well, furry, happy monsters…and Alex actually liked this segment and was jumping up and down right along with them. He’s not that interested in television, which is fine with me. But the song and the dancing got his attention. The rest of it he ignored. And you know what? I wasn’t that impressed either. I miss the "old" Sesame Street. I think it’s all the computer graphics that annoy me. "In my day" (heh heh heh) it was just monsters and people and maybe some cartoony graphics…in other words – it was real. (Okay, yes, I know how silly that sounds.) Okay, maybe I liked it because it was simpler. It was basic. It did not need to dazzle – it was really cool the way it was. But now (and I realize it needs to keep up with the times, blah blah blah) it just seems too fake. But that’s just my opinion. Have to go now…Alex has lost one of the twelve million balls in this house and Daddy can’t find it. Mommy to the rescue…..

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  1. Actually, the end is in sight – THAT WOMAN is mainly in the “Early Toddler” room, and as of Monday Alex will be officially ranked a “Middle Toddler” – and won’t be offending THAT WOMAN too much any more. The woman (though in mind I think “girl” because she’s definitely younger than I am) in his new room greeted him the other morning (he’s been there a couple time a week already) with a little plastic ball and said “We’re all ready for you, Alex!”

    She seems to be a kindred spirit….

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