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Got Sugar?

I flunked my one hour glucose test.

I took it a week and a half ago. It consisted of not eating breakfast, going to the blood lab at the hospital, giving them some blood, drinking a half cup of what tasted like generic “cola” with about a pound of sugar added, and then sitting for an hour reading old magazines. After the hour was up I gave them some more blood and they let me go home.

The following Tuesday one of the nurses at my Dr’s office called to say that my “numbers” were higher than they liked to see…so apparently my insulin was being sluggish or having a bad day that day. So I had to take the dreaded three hour glucose test.

I had to make an appointment for that one. And for three days prior, I had to follow a semi-strict diet of sugar and sugar and carbs and a dab of protein and sugar for dessert. Or that’s how some of it seemed.

For breakfast each day I had to consume the following:

1 8 oz glass of juice (orange, apple, or grape) (I don’t like grape, tolerate apple, and so drank orange juice)
2 slices toast with jelly
cereal with sugar
coffee/tea with sugar (or hot chocolate, sweetened)
1 egg (optional)

Heaven forbid I should overdo the protein…

Breakfast was the worst for me – I just don’t consume that much sugar – hidden or obvious – at the beginning of the day.

But I did my best and that part’s done.

This morning I dropped Alex off at daycare and went back to the lab.

First they took some blood and then I had to pee in a cup. (When you’re pregnant, you make a lot of blood and urine donations to everyone.)

Then I had to drink a full cup (actually it looked more like 12 ounces rather than 8) of more sugar with cola flavor added. I’ve heard horror stories but it’s not impossible to ingest. It’s just disgusting.

And then I had to hang out in the waiting room for an hour. I paid some bills, read a book I’d brought (no old magazines for me) and watched people come and go. The TV was on too, so I half listened to the news. Did you know Tonya Harding is skating again? I didn’t. Good thing I had to have this test this morning….

After an hour, I had to pee in a cup again and give some more blood.

More reading, fought the urge to doze off…there was another pregnant woman in there for the same three hour test. She sat neatly in her chair and bowed her head in a nap each hour. I couldn’t. First of all, I require two chairs – one for me and one for my coat and bag and book and bills. I don’t sit neatly. And second – I was afraid that if I fell asleep I’d drool or snore.

Second hour finished – pee and bleed.

The bathroom had this very new, very cool paper towel dispenser – you just reach toward it as if you’re going to feel around inside for a paper towel and it shoots a sheet out at you. That was the highlight of my morning.

Another hour of reading and listening to the news…

Final hour – the tech took pity and called me in before the entire 60 minutes were officially up. At the same time she called for the next person in “line” – number 46 I think…an older woman with defiantly colored and weekly permed black hair who looks like she has spent most of her life disapproving of things. The first thing she said to the tech was “This place takes forever. I’ve been out there for twenty minutes.” I’m sure she probably greets loved ones the same way. The tech looked at me (I was behind Miss Congeniality of 1902) and I shook my head. It hadn’t been 20 minutes.

And then I went back to the bathroom with my last plastic cup of the day. Gave my last bit of blood, and left. As I was leaving the building I heard “Jayne?” behind me – turned around – and it was my sister and her son. Timing is everything. We stopped to talk – she had brought Calvin in for a strep test and was on her way to bring him to our mom’s house and then go back to work. I offered to take Calvin there for her, so off we went, her to work, me to my parents’ new house.

I owe a post about the new house, about the move, etc. But not now – I’ve run out of time. Have to go get Alex now and then come home and put the lasagne in the oven.

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