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Half Day

I am home. I’ll be leaving in a few minutes to run a couple of errands and then get Alex at daycare.

But I’ve been home this afternoon.

Very tired these last couple of days – Alex was up multiple times Saturday night – dinner apparently didn’t agree with him so he threw up twice, requiring Mom and Dad to come in, turn the lights on, strip Alex of now-icky jammies (Daddy’s job) and strip the crib of now-icky sheets and re-make it (Mommy’s job), then turn on the music box and hug Alex a little while (either parent, take your pick) and put Alex back in his crib to go “ni-nights” and shut off the light and go back to bed and just start to fall back to sleep when “WAAAAH!!!” time to do it again.

The third time he woke up he hadn’t done anything – he was just sitting in his crib waiting for the pit crew to return. It was just Mommy this time – Daddy had fallen back to sleep, or at least was pretending really hard… I put the hall light on, just to make sure I wouldn’t put my hand in anything gross (as I did the first time he woke up) and he stood up and wanted to get back out of his crib.


Since he wasn’t really sick, this had taken the form of a new game to play, and he wanted to do it again.

I told him it was still time to sleep, and that he needed to lie down.

“Nooo” he said firmly and coyly at the same time…and marched happily back and forth from one end of the crib to the other.

I really set out not to laugh at things like this, but he’s really cute, even at 1:30 in the morning. We finally settled on some juice (which seemed fair to me – he probably still had a yucky taste in his mouth from the earlier episodes) and then he agreed to lie down. On went the music, out went the light, and back to bed went Mommy.

Until the next time. This time it was “Meemo?” (“Meemo’s sleeping.”) I was a bit more firm this time and didn’t fall for the charm. Music again, lights off, back to bed.

Final time was even more brief. And it finally stuck. I have no idea what time it was…and we all slept late on Sunday.

Then last night was fine, Alex-wise. I was the one with the sleep problem. I couldn’t get comfortable.

I’m 6 months along, and I’m feeling it. I’m not quite carrying around a watermelon yet – it’s more like a large canteloupe or a honeydew at this point…but whatever fruit you choose to envision – it’s not a comfortable sleeping companion. Especially when it’s inside you. My back, in particular, was hurting. Couldn’t get comfortable on either side…not supposed to sleep flat on my back (though that was actually the most comfortable)…impossible to sleep on my melon-belly at this point. Tried sticking an extra pillow behind my back so I could lie on my side and lean into it for support. Not comfortable on that side…tried the other side (which is a huge project, since I don’t bend too well at the moment and can’t turn as quickly as I could before)…still not comfortable…tried adjusting and readjusting the two pillows under my head, neck, occasionally shoulders…AAAAAAGGGGHHHH!!!

Finally just fell asleep in frustration, only to wake up around 2 with the fiery thrill of heartburn – which has been absent for a while. It returned with a vengeance. So I tried to prop myself up higher in order to hinder the acid reflux…nice try. Awake again in another hour or so…and then – a little after 4, Alex woke up.

He had had enough sleep, and didn’t want to be confined any more. After two pointless attempts at getting him to go back to sleep (he didn’t believe me when I told him we were the ONLY two people in the world still awake at that hour) we got up and started the day.

I think tonight will be better (though I’ve jinxed myself by actually stating it) – he’s playing with his little friends at daycare – hopefully that will wear him out. I think his sleep cycle just got messed up with the Saturday night adventures and then two naps at odd times (for him) yesterday.

But anyway – that is why I’m home. I was TIRED this morning. Plowed through work, put the rest of it in for tomorrow, came home, had some lunch, tried to take a nap but just couldn’t fall asleep, so I put new batteries in Alex’s Ocean Wonders music box/bubble thing so he can watch the bubbles and hear music that doesn’t sound mournful and off-key any more…put up a piece of foam core on the wall beside his crib and attached some laminated pictures of his class at daycare…Bill and I…and the family tree I made for his previous daycare class…and put on little stickers of characters from (any guesses?) “Finding Nemo”…he should like that.

Dishes and laundry are not done, but I don’t care. I got an hour to do something creative and cheerful, and I feel MUCH better.

Time to run.

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