My Family

My Parents Have Moved…

…into their new house. They actually moved a couple of weeks ago but this is the first time I’ve had time to write about it…and also the first time I’ve felt like writing about it.

And as Bill just came in from the back yard with Alex in tow and Bill is saying something about muddy shoes, I might not have a whole lot of time now…

But anyway, they moved. They are not done moving out of the old house, though. In fact, the main floor still looks pretty darned full if you ask me.

(Alex is having a tantrum about something right now…I think Bill took away a rock from him…nope, had to take a ball away temporarily so he could get Alex’s arm out of his coat…it’s a softball…which is a misnomer…and will need to be permanently removed from Alex’s collection as soon as he puts it down again…)

Anyway, they’ve moved all the big things but still have a lot to sort through – keep, give to one of their daughters, or toss. It’s not an easy thing to cull through close to 40 years of accumulation…but they’re getting there.

And now I have to go – sorry to cut this short – little crisis when the soft(not)ball was taken from Alex…lots of hurt feelings and tears of outrage…he is quieter now…but still needs some comfort….

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