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My Little Man

I called my sister at 7 this morning to see how Alex had fared last night – his first night away from home in his entire 22 months outside the womb.

Natalie, my niece, (aka “Nanee” to Alex) answered – Alex had a great time, she told me. He slept in her room, eventually in his playpen/makeshift crib, but took a long time to go to sleep – he was having too much fun with his cousins.

Next I talked to Calvin, my nephew, and he also informed me that he started out the night in that same tiny bedroom with Natalie and Alex – he slept down at the foot of Natalie’s bed, but eventually he went to his own room just to get some sleep. He also told me that Alex didn’t cry once the whole time.

Finally I talked to my sister – I could hear Alex’s little voice in the background. And Mere reiterated what both kids had said – Alex had a great time and didn’t shed a single tear.


Just kidding, mostly. I’m glad he did well – I won’t have to worry about him when we drop him there en route to the hospital.

Mere also told me that Natalie actually complained that Alex wouldn’t let her go to sleep (Natalie is the night owl of the two kids) – and Alex was also awake around 5:30 this morning. He’s had an exciting time. I got to Mere’s house around 9 or so this morning and hung out with all of them outside…Alex and the kids playing with soccer balls and badminton rackets…or drawing on the sidewalk with chalk…or collecting rocks.

By late morning Alex finally crashed – he just stood in the front yard and burst into overtired and overstimulated tears. I loaded him into the car and he was asleep about five minutes into the ride home. He’s still sleeping – I figure he needs a longer nap than usual.

I’m glad he’s home. My little guy.

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  1. Hey there you, my favourite kitchen witch with the witty and often tasty blog entries, I’m just stopping by to share the love and tell you I enjoy your blog!

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