It’s been a while…again. I just don’t always find/make/get/give myself the time to type. I’m less than 6 weeks away from my due date…I’m tired…my feet and lower legs are puffy and swollen by the end of the day (I’m a real looker, ti tell you)…I’ve got carpal tunnel flaring up in both hands…I don’t sleep well because of the hands and the heartburn/acid reflux and my general shape…and I work and I have a toddler and a husband – and so this blog is kind of lower on my daily list of things to do… But – here I am. Alex has not bitten anyone lately – at least not since that time I mentioned last week or the week before (I’ve lost track). In fact, he has a friend. His first friend. It’s another little boy in the room – I think he’s also the bite victim – and they’ve been together since the infant room…and they play together all day, according to the teachers/caring individuals who run the middler toddler class. It’s so cute….my little boy, not even two yet, has a friend. Um…well, if it would stop raining for a minute or two, I’d go outside and clear the remaining leaves off the flower beds in front of my house…but it’s just too wet and I’m not that dedicated a gardener, apparently. And all the seedlings we started a few weeks ago are doing well, and so are the early peas that Bill planted a month ago. We were a bit worried because we had a sudden spell of snow and cold, but the peas just waited it out and are now coming up nicely. My little not-yet-born child is very, very active. I don’t think she sleeps. I say "she" because the ultrasound tech said "she" – and yet there is that cautious part of me that refuses to buy any girl stuff just in case…though other people have been doing it. My sister…my sister-in-law. They each have a daughter (after having had a son each as well), and the two daughters are 8 (almost 9) and 17 (almost 18), so it’s been a while on both sides since there were any tiny girl things purchased. I am distracted at work. I don’t feel like focusing on anything, which is unfortunate, as we are gearing up for our busy season…I just kind of do the best I can mentally and try not to sneak online too much to look at the news or other peoples’ blogs or the website. I’m management…I’m supposed to set a good example. I just got back from my parents’ house. The new house. It’s getting there…it’s not the same, but it’s getting there. They are still unpacking, still trying to figure out where to put things in this house with its smaller kitchen and no built-in china closet…it’s funny – the living room and the den/tv room/computer room have the comfortable furniture, but we still congregate in the kitchen….chairs dragged in from the dining room (which as yet has not been dined in because everything glass or dish related is in a holding pattern in that room – on shelves, on the table, etc, until my parents find new homes for everything. So we were gathered around the little table in the little kitchen – Mom, Meredith, Dad, me…occasionally my sister’s kids and Alex would come in too…mostly for food…. Next Saturday – a week from today, is Opening Day of Trout Season. I did a post on my old blog about that and will probably bring it over to this site at some point. It is my hisband’s High Holy Day and nothing but nothing ever interferes with it. I believe this year he will go with his nephew, Joe, who should be returning from Iraq mid-week for about a month or so until he goes back over again. There are two showers planned for me this month. I’ve been told about them both, mostly because it’s easier to do it that way than try to trick me somehow. Not that the attempt wasn’t made….the only time anyone at work ever asks me which town my husband teaches in is when a shower is being planned. First the wedding, then the first baby…and then I was asked again two weeks ago, and I knew. They needed to contact Bill to let him know so he could (for some reason) volunteer to pick up Alex at daycare that day and meanwhile there would be some reason that I was going somewhere else that day after work…so since he also teaches several nights a week at a local college, I figured I’d be helpful and provide that schedule as well. They decided to just tell me. And then this morning my mother asked what I was doing (interruption – this baby is a violent, pushy little person and there’s some hard portion of her anatomy shoving its way through my skin, practically, as I type this…) where was I? Oh, yeah, Mom asked what I was doing one Sunday later this month – she and Mere decided it would be easier to tell me about that too. Plus – it’s the second baby, it’s not as crucial as the first, it’s not like I don’t have any baby things at all…I have plenty left from two years ago. Mostly I’ll need really little diapers, I think. And of course, both showers will be festivals of pink and ruffly things…. I’m mostly going for the food. 🙂 Speaking of food – I haven’t had lunch yet. I’m starving. My fingers are starting to go numb. Not sure when I’ll be writing again, but I’m doing my best at the moment! Maybe after the baby’s born…at least work won’t be interfering with it!

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