An Update, With Apologies to Beth…

First of all – belated Happy Birthday to Beth – her birthday was yesterday and if I was a true friend I would have managed to give birth to my baby yesterday as well. But I failed. And for that, Beth, I send you my most humble and deep apologies. And it’s funny, too, because after yesterday, I suddenly felt like the baby just wasn’t going to be born ever. After all, the most important day of May had passed, so there was no longer any point, right? Sigh. Well, on to the update part…had my Dr’s appointment this morning and – surprise surprise – I have progressed to 2 1/2 – 3 cm, dilation-wise. Baby’s head is way down, which is another good sign, too. AND, just in case that isn’t enough, I am scheduled to be induced Thursday morning if the baby doesn’t decide to move things along before that. My mood has improved considerably. I hope I go before Thursday, frankly. And for the silliest of reasons – I like the number 19 and would kind of rather the baby arrive tomorrow instead of Thursday. But at least it’s a reason I can easily discard if necessary. And thanks to all of you who have posted comments or emailed me about all this and my recent posts – the good wishes and support are most appreciated! That’s it for the moment. Have to go find a more comfortable place to sit.

4 thoughts on “An Update, With Apologies to Beth…

  1. Well, you are forgiven. Now you won’t have to name her Beth. . However, I will pass the torch of most important day in May to your new daughter. It will be her birthday gift from me. I’ll take the back seat : )

  2. Oh, Beth, I’m sure there will be some element of Bethness in this little Taurus girl… 🙂

  3. Hopefully she will dance so hard one day that her face turns beet-red and she has to press it against the cool tiles.

  4. Takes one to know one, Sheila- HAAAHAHAHHAHA. I wonder if there are girls at dances that still do that???

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