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My Girl Face

My sister pointed out what I’ve been suspecting for a while now. The old wives’ tale seems to be true….

We were at the May breakfast sponsored by our Dad’s Rotary Club this morning – Bill and Alex and I, Meredith and her kids, our Mom, and eventually Dad when he could take a break.

Meredith was looking at my horrifyingly swollen feet, and then she took a look at the crop circles on my tongue (yes…I looked it up – it’s a weird viral condition called “geographic tongue” where strange circles appear on the surface of the tongue, disappear, then turn up again in another spot. Apparently stress brings these on, and I notice they often appear on a Monday morning…)and then – she took a long look at my face.

“You know your nose has changed.” She said.

“I know!!! It’s fatter!!!”

The baby girl I’m carrying has done what the “old wives” predicted…she is stealing my looks. I had thought my nose was looking wider. It is.

We both burst into hysterical laughter – just the two of us – dissolved in our own private mirth. Every so often, after we’d stopped giggling, we’d look at each other and start in again.

She is the only one on earth who would tell me that my nose looked different.

I mentioned it to Bill on the ride home and he said he hadn’t noticed. And that even if he had noticed, he wouldn’t tell me.

Which is just as well. That’s my sister’s job.

2 thoughts on “My Girl Face

  1. No kidding about the old wives tale. I should know. I had 2 girls 19 mos apart. My nose widened the first time and snapped back just in time to widen again the second time. I’m happy to report that it has snapped back a second time. “giggle”

  2. Thank goodness! I feel stretched enough in all different directions as it is – I don’t expect everything to snap back into place, but I’d kind of like to have my original facial features again…

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