My Family

Nap Time

Alex and Julia are both still sleeping. Bill is outside mulching the back corner garden, which has a couple of small lilacs and a rose bush and a bleeding heart and some lilies and lily-of-the-valley.

And I am inside.

I’ve puttered around, getting little things done – finally shelved some books in the cookbook and food-related shelves…washed Julia’s bottles…wrote in doctor’s appointments and birthdays for June on the wall calendar….

I’m getting fidgety. But Julia’s making little noises (they sound like panic-stricken shrieks from a chipmunk, truth be told) so I know she’ll be awake soon. And as soon as I start nursing her, Alex will wake up. Guaranteed.

Bill took Alex to the zoo this morning, which Alex loved. Saw elephants, zebras, giraffes, cheetas, snow leopards (which he calls snow cheetahs) and bears and one of the polar bears and penguins and an ark’s worth of other animals. Certain ones, though, were most impressive. The elephants are “too big” in his opinion. And Bill said the cheetah kind of scared him, as it was only about 6-8 feet away from Alex (behind glass or plexiglass or whatever they use to keep them apart) and around eye level…Bill took some pictures, and we’ll pick them up this afternoon too.

Oh, hey – (I know so many people have been waiting for this tidbit of news) – the dried up part of Julia’s belly button/umbilical cord has fallen off. I’m glad, because I always (both with her and w/Alex) feel like the diaper nudges it and causes great pain until it’s out of the way.

As you can see, I’m full of exciting news and stories of adventure today.

Really, I have nothing major to say, and I don’t even feel like typing, exactly, but I feel stuck in limbo until a child wakes up. I should just go upstairs and do something constructive, like get rid of clothes that I never wear…but I’ve lost the drive to accomplish much today, so that will have to keep until tomorrow.

And so, since this post is going nowhere, I’ll end it now.

I should have taken a nap, actually. Maybe tomorrow.

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