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The Circle of Life…

No, I don’t have any original thoughts in my head. That’s why I have to use song titles as titles to my posts now.

Anybody see any of the Cheers marathon on TV last night? I did…I saw 3 episodes from 1 in the morning til around 2:30, and then bits and pieces until 7 this morning when I decided I was tired of being in the basement. Julia was also finally asleep. A deeper sleep than she was for most of the after-midnight portion of last night/this morning.

But anyway, Bill and Alex are watching The Lion King right now. Julia is taking her big morning nap, and I’m heading for the shower in a minute or two.

Lion King is Alex’s new favorite, and he particularly loves the opening scene where all the animals assemble so Rafiki can hold up the baby Simba, future king, so all can see. (In case no one has seen this movie…hahahahahahaHA!!! I’m overtired and punchy…heading toward giddy.)

But even better – Bill brought Alex to the zoo yesterday and Alex got to see real elephants, giraffes, zebras, a cheetah, and so on. So now, as all the animated animals make their appearances on screen, Alex SHOUTS out “Ephant!!” “Zeebah!” “Jaff!!” and so on. He is thrilled because he has actually seen these creatures and recognizes them…granted they’re in a zoo and not roaming the savannahs, but still…it’s just so cool to see him get so overjoyed about these.

By the way, he felt that the elephants at the zoo were “too big.” He kept saying “too big ephant” yesterday.

Bill took pictures too, so I’ll make a little “My Trip to the Zoo” photo album for Alex, maybe later today.

Hee hee hee.

Tomorrow we’ll go watch the Memorial Day Parade where my sister lives – her kids will both be marching. Calvin will play trumpet with the school band, and Natalie will be with her Karate class. I think Alex will enjoy the parade…Julia will probably sleep through the whole thing.

That’s it for now. Shower time for me.

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  1. I know..its hard coming up with blog titles isn’t it? Most of my actual blog-writing time is probably taken up by trying to decide what to call the damn entry, lol.

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