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That’s what Alex sounds like when he is saying “where are you?”…he was saying that to my stomach this morning.

I’ve got an appointment with my OB/GYN later this morning. Bill stayed home so he could go with me, which is nice. I think my hobbling around the house, half bent over, and doing Lamaze-type breathing whenever I move the wrong way and my back spasms kind of convinced him it would be a good idea. I’m not a treat to watch, trust me.

So – who knows that the story will be later today…maybe they’ll induce me. I didn’t want to initially, but I’ve reached the point (and I blame this on my back) where I feel like the opportunity has passed, and I’ll never have this baby now. She will grow and grow in there until my skin won’t stretch any more and she’ll finally just pop out one day…my skin will split open like an egg shell and she’ll stand up, take the car keys and be on her way….meanwhile I’ll lie there on the kitchen floor yelling for someone to get me a needle and thread so I can stitch myself together and yelling to her to fasten her seatbelt and be home by nine because it’s a school night….

The daughter of a woman where I work gave birth recently to twin boys. She carried them to 37 1/2 weeks…each baby was just under 8 pounds. EIGHT POUNDS!!! Alex was just under 8 pounds, and I think this next baby will be bigger…so the thought of TWO of them in there weighing close to 16 pounds together of JUST BABY…never mind all the fluid and the placentas and all that – IT MAKES ME WANT TO TYPE EVERYTHING IN CAPITAL LETTERS AT THE MERE THOUGHT OF GOING THROUGH THAT!!!

I think my husband would faint if this one baby turned out to be twins…one hiding behind the other when we had the ultrasound in December. He’d faint, and then when he came to, he’d crawl out of the room and drive straight to Seattle and hide out at his brother’s house for the next 18 years.

Okay, no, he wouldn’t, he’s stronger than that. He’d probably turn around once he got to Chicago….

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  1. Greetings from Georgia. I’ve been enjoying your site for awhile, the good days and the bad — gotta laugh or we’ll cry, right? So anyhow, good luck at the doctor. I found I was ready go through anything, just to not be pregnant anymore. Maybe that’s why it lasts so long and is so uncomfortable at the end, to add motivation. And speaking as one who was only “no medication” brave with the first one, epidurals are a very wonderful thing, and it’s nice not to be totally worn out afterwards from the pain. Whatever you decide, good luck, congrats on the great site, and I’ll look forward to hearing about your new baby girl. Oh I almost forgot, 16 pounds of baby, OMG, it makes me think in ALL CAPS too! What a brave woman and don’t you know those were the longest 37-1/2 weeks of her life. Wow.

  2. Whoooo. Bored at work today, so yay! Archives. ;o)

    Just a few squee moments from the past months posts:

    I used to swim in Carbuncle Pond when I lived in West Greenwich waaaaay back in the day(early 80s. God, it seems like forever ago). I don’t remember much about it, except for being slightly green with algae when exiting.

    Second, ha! I gave birth to twins, 13 years ago.. and carried them 40 weeks, but they were just a teenie, tiny 7.1 and 6.10 lbs. ;o) I have a picture somewhere in my livejournal gallery of me at 8-9 months and it’s just belly. Rachel is somewhere behind the belly, but mostly… it’s belly.

    Thirdly, I just wanted to say that having read about you and Bill, Alex and Julia over the past few months, it’s delightful it is to see this ‘early version’ of your family. You truly are blessed!

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