And I say that with a good deal of sarcasm. I’ve got a temp of 101.2, I woke up achy and chilled…just lovely. I think it’s a sign that I am not supposed to be trying to accomplish so much during the day time…especially since I don’t get all that much sleep at night. But it’s hard – so many things around here I want to do while I’m home, and when Julia’s napping it’s the perfect opportunity to DO things. But. I’m not going to DO much of anything today. Except the dishes and one load of laundry because Bill needs a dress shirt tonight…but other than that, nothing. I swear. Just waiting for the tylenol to kick in so I can go have something to eat. I’m too chilly right now to eat, and what I want to eat is cold cereal, but not til I feel warmer. I hate feeling sick. And Julia is due to wake up soon from her morning nap, so after that, and after she’s fed and tired again, I will take a nap while she takes her next nap. I swear. Okay, going now. Oh, one more thing – Alex had his 2 year Dr’s appt yesterday – he’s a quarter of an inch shy of 3 feet tall, and weighs a little over 29 pounds. He is Mini-Bill, build-wise. I wonder who Julia will take after…genetics are so much fun…. Okay, really going now.

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