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Memorial Day Notes

So we went to watch the Memorial Day Parade where my sister lives so we could see her kids march – and my father also marched (of course, but I wasn’t thinking that comprehensively before…) with other veterans from WWII. Hard to believe my father was a part of that generation, of that war – he is very youthful and most people are surprised to find out his actual age. Which proves that years alive mean very little in the grand scheme of things.

Alex enjoyed the parade – he’s never seen one – all the noise and the fire trucks and the bands and some horses…plus the company of his grandmother (Grammy, aka what sounds like “Terry”) and his Auntie Mere and Uncle Jacques, plus our friend Beth and her kids, Ceiliedh and Conor.

We all sat (or stood) on the front lawn of my parents’ “old” house – they have not closed on it yet – I think the projected date is the middle of this month – I could be wrong – so while it’s still in the family, we have it for parade viewing.

After that we went to my parents’ new house for lunch. Then back here – nap time for Alex and Julia, work outside time for Bill, and I don’t remember what I did – time for me.

Not much else. Puttering around without a car today, which doesn’t matter to me – it’s pouring rain, perfect day for doing laundry (ooh, exciting) and dishes (jealous yet?) and other little projects.

Princess Julia is taking a nap now…

I’ll try to write again later. For now – I feel the need to empty the dishwasher and get the kitchen looking nice and tidy again.

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