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Monday Morning’s Post

(Since I don’t even know what this will be about yet…there’s the title.)

Yesterday Bill asked me how much sleep I think I’m getting in a night…and so I thought about it, and figured out that it’s about 5 hours, broken up into smaller bits, in between Julia’s awake periods.

And before anyone suggests that Bill take one of those night time feedings, let me just say that since he’s working and I’m not at the moment, then we’ve agreed that I will be the one with the interrupted sleep at night, since I have the opportunity (which I rarely take advantage of) to take a nap during the day and he wouldn’t. Plus, he is one of those people who really requires 7-8 solid hours of sleep and I – as proven by first one child and then the next – am not one of those people. Sure, a solid 7-8 hours of sleep sounds nice, but since I wasn’t even sleeping well in the last couple of months of my pregnancy anyway, it’s not all that big a deal to be sleeping even less now.

Though I will be happy when the periods that Julia sleeps lengthen….

But enough of that stuff….

Yesterday Emily took Alex to the mall to a Build A Bear store in one of the malls around here.

Emily, for those of you who don’t know (and because I’m too lazy to link to any previous descriptions), is our nephew Joe’s girlfriend and Alex’s baby sitter. We consider her family. She lives about 10 minutes from us, and Alex adores her. Actually, we do, too. Emily will call up, out of the blue, and ask if she can take Alex for a couple of hours. (Joe does, too, when he’s not in Iraq) Anyway, that’s what happened yesterday – Emily got out of work early and offered to take Alex to the Build a Bear place in the mall, so after his nap, that’s where Alex went.

Bill said, after Emily’s phone call, that he doesn’t think he could ever be as nice as she is. I agree – he couldn’t. It’s not in his nature to offer to take anyone’s toddler for a couple of hours. Ever. But Emily is great with kids, and with all her babysitting history probably has more experience with small children than I do….Plus, she’s genuinely a really nice person.

So – off they went, and I couldn’t enjoy the toddler-free hours at all because I’m bordering on insane and all I could do was wallow in sleep-deprivation-induced Mommy guilt (“I should be the one taking Alex to fun places! I’m a loser mommy!!!”) and my typical control-freak worry that SOMETHING BAD would happen. So while Bill cleaned the hardwood floors and Julia napped, I sat and watched some of the Boston/Kansas City game and worried and, yes, cried a bit. I was overjoyed when they got home. I’m just a wacko.

Anyway – back to the bear thing – Alex came home with two creations – (Emily is also one of the most generous people I know) – one for him – a lion wearing cut-off jean shorts, brown sandals, and a brightly-colored shirt with turtles all over it – and a pink pig wearing a denim dress. The Lion’s name is Mufasa, the pig’s name is Pink. Each comes with a birth certificate and a little cardboard box “house.”

The pig is supposed to be for Julia, but Alex really likes her too, so since Julia is actually smaller than the pig right now and doesn’t appreciate the pig yet (especially when Alex, in a moment of magnanimity (is that a word?) places the pig directly on top of Julia while she’s strapped in her car seat waiting to be brought out to the car). Both pig and lion spent last night in Alex’s crib and rode with us to daycare this morning.

He says “pig” like this: “paaage” – in other words, it rhymes with “page” but the “g” is still like the “g” in “pig”, and he draws out the “a” a little.

As we were driving to daycare, Alex had both animals on his lap in his car seat…and he was talking – either to them or to himself – and suddenly my mommy super-hearing picked out the anatomical term “peepee” and I threw a glance back to see just how anatomically correct Mufasa was, but no, my innocent almost-two-year-old little boy had his hand up under the pig’s dress (She is wearing white satin underpants, too, by the way) and before looking back at the road in front of us I realized that she was face down…

“Alex, that’s her tail – pigs have tails.”


“Right, tail.”

Oh, he’s funny.

And now Julia’s making little snorting, grunting noises, so I believe she’ll be waking up soon. Time for me to get off the computer and get some other things done, I guess. Laundry, laundry, laundry…dishes…OH – we bought a salmon fillet yesterday – going to put that in the smoker this afternoon, it’s been brining since yesterday. Should be a yummy dinner.

Have a lovely Monday, all!

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