My Family

Day Two

Pouring rain this morning – and most of the rest of the day too, so far.

I was up at 3 with Julia…then we both fell asleep on the couch after she’d had her bottle and a change of diaper.

We woke back up around 5 or so, I fed her again, she was awake but content to hang out in her little music-playing vibrating chair, so I put sneakers on and had a whole 20 minute mixed-grill workout before she decided that she’d had enough of sitting in that chair.

I have one of those step things. I mumble this – it’s a Tracy Austin brand and came with a video cassette filled with all sorts of aerobic things to do on the step thing – which I think I watched part of once…(she’s just way to peppy for me. No matter how physically fit I may become, I think I will remain a little surly.)

Anyway, I just step up onto it and back off. Left on, right on, left off, right off. I’ll usually count steps, and count, say, a hundred leading off with the left foot, then switch and do a hundred leading off with the right. It entertains me. Plus it gives me a countdown, which is great when my thighs really don’t want to do this anymore…ninety five, ninety six, ninety sev-en, ninety eight, ninity NINE, a HUNdred! Thud.

So I did that for five minutes or so, then did pushups, (bent knee – I’m just starting up again), about a hundred crunches (I will regret that tomorrow but there was Rocky music playing in my head), then more on the step thing, and finally some yoga.

It felt good.

Have to go now. Julia calls.

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