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Good Morning

It’s still quiet in my house, though that will change soon.

I’ve been up since 3:50, when Julia, who propels herself up the length of her bassinet with her feet during her slumber, butted her little head against the bumper pad and could propel herself no farther (or is it “further?”) and woke up in minor outrage – as she has been doing consistently for about a week now.

The good thing about this is I’ve been getting about 6 hours of sleep every night, which is HUGE. And she’s just 7 weeks old. This didn’t happen this early with Alex.

Speaking of Alex, his bedroom is above this room (the music room/office) and I can hear him doing his morning calisthenics – jumping up and down in his crib – and pausing to talk with his stuffed animals. I will need to go soon, I imagine.

But anyway – so lately I’ve been up at about quarter to four every morning…and so I’ve been feeding Julia by four a.m. and watching whatever’s on TV at that hour, (not the “paid programming” stuff) and I have discovered an old show I used to watch when it was running – it was called “Profiler” and it was about an FBI profiler and all the serial killers she tracked down in addition to searching for the man who had killed her husband. I loved the show, though for some reason I don’t think I watched the entire series while it ran…don’t remember why…maybe that’s when I started dating Bill or something.

Anyway, so while I feed my sweet little baby girl, I watch this series. And of course, the ending of the show today was a cliffhanger – maybe the end of the series, certainly the end of a season. So Julia just has to wake up on time tomorrow so I can see how it ends. I might even have to set my alarm clock, just to make sure.

Heh heh…suddenly thought how funny (only to me) it would be if I do set the alarm and Julia wakes up anyway and I forget to shut the alarm off…and it wakes Bill up while I’m down in the basement staring at the TV…hee hee hee. Okay, it’s only funny to me, I know.

Hey, I put Julia’s crib together yesterday. I love assembling things. I felt like Alex sounds when he (lately) shouts “I did it!” when he accomplishes something, like clicking the buckle together on Julia’s little musical bouncy chair. The look on his face is priceless – the pride and surprise of a 2-year-old. I probably didn’t look as cute as Alex when I finished the crib, but I felt the same “I did it!” bubble up inside of me nevertheless.

I told Julia, who was watching, “your mommy is so cool!” and she agreed, of course. I want to be an example of a strong, capable, multi-talented woman. Of course, right after that I was changing Julia’s diaper and almost put the one I’d just removed from her right back on again. I was too distracted by my amazing ability to follow directions and use an allen wrench and a philips head screwdriver and a level….

Anyway, the crib. It’s this one, in the cherry finish. It looks nice. All ready for her, with sheet and bumper pad and dust ruffle.

And yes, I went pink with the sheets. I bought two. One plain sheet, one white with lots of little pink dots. The bumper pad is pink, too. My hands shook….BUT – the dust ruffle is red. Which mimics what I did with Alex’s crib – light blue sheet and bumper pad and navy dust ruffle.

Would you please re-read that little paragraph????? I am discussing crib sheet coordination!!!!! A part of me is so absorbed by all of this, and yet there’s another part of me that is cringing with something like pain about how insipid it sort of sounds….the colors I’ve chosen for CRIB SHEETS!!!

Oh, hell, I can’t help it. I can’t stop myself, and I don’t have the mental energy to try. It’s where I am right now. And I’m very happy and grateful to have my two kids, who give me the opportunity to babble about crib sheets.

And I find it physically impossible not to buy pink things for Julia. Even though it goes against every other instinct I have. But I am powerless to ignore the urge. The red dust ruffle offsets it a bit, at least.

Alex glanced at the crib last night but didn’t say anything. I’ve been casually mentioning that eventually Julia will sleep in that room with him. He has not objected. Yet. I figure I’ll just leave the crib there for a while so he can get used to it. She doesn’t need to be in there yet, although part of me thinks if she was sleeping in the crib she just might stay asleep longer, since she’d have more propulsion space and wouldn’t encounter the bumper pad quite so soon.

But if that happened, I’d miss my 4:00 date with the TV, and I just have to watch tomorrow morning, so she is definitely not sleeping in that crib tonight.

Okay, have to go now…though Alex seems to be keeping himself entertained by playing his music box and talking to the stuffed animals.

I will leave you with one little Alex cute thing – though of course I could go on and on about other Alex-related cuteness ad nauseum because I am in danger of becoming that kind of Mommy – but anyway – his pronunciation of octopus: “applepus.”

Have a great Thursday!

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