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About a month or so ago we went hiking around Carbuncle Pond, which is in Coventry, RI, and is (shh – don’t tell anyone) one of Bill’s favorite places to go for Opening Day of Trout Season. Anyway, the plan was mostly to go and pick the wild blueberries that grow along the shore, but there weren’t very many, so besides hiking along a trail, the main activity was (for Bill and Alex)…(mostly Bill) looking for frogs to catch.


Bill actually almost caught a bullfrog – a big one – but it got away. The memory still torments him. “I coulda had that frog…I had him in my hands…mutter mutter mutter….”


Some of the time was also spent making sure Alex didn’t fall into the water. I carried Julia in my trusty Baby Bjorn (I love that thing), and took pictures. There is one picture of me from that day and no, I am not posting it because the sun beams too brightly off my giant forehead and I look rather freakish. Sorry.

Anyway – though blueberries were scarce and the bullfrog got away, Alex was still impressed with Bill’s hunting abilities – “Daddy catch a fog a hand!

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