My Family

Conversational Bits and Pieces


“Want more pay-toes, Mommy?” (tomatoes)

“WOW!……………Lotta food!” (looking at a big spoonful of whatever he’s eating at the moment…)

“Figgadiddy! Figgadiddy! Figgadiddy!” (this was in the car this afternoon)
“You want figgadiddy?”
No! (scornfully) Want figgadiddy!”
Oh…You want spaghetti?”

“Don’t touch Julia eyes” (as he is touching them and her nose with his crawly little toddler fingers….)

“Bite a tongue!” (Alex’s reaction to eating spicy food…like a chili pepper from the garden. But he went back and tried another one anyway.)

“Scar not nice!”
“No, Scar’s not nice.” (If you’ve seen The Lion King you’ll understand.)
“Waheena not nice, too!
“That’s right, the hyenas aren’t nice either.”

“Have a fun showoo, Daddy?” (shower)

“Don’t eat boogies, Owl.”
“Does the owl eat boogies?”
“Does the cow eat boogies?”
“No!” (as in “of course not, silly Mommy”)
(Owl and Cow are two stuffed animals that are, to Alex, kind of partners. He had them with him in the car when this little exchange took place. He has other “partner” stuffed animals: Nemo and Bruce the Shark…Mufasa and Pig (who is really named “Pink” but Alex just calls her “Pig”)…Elephant and Doggy (and Doggy’s registered name is “Fluffy,” but Doggy is the informal, affectionate moniker.))

And then there was Bill’s attempt to create a song about not eating “boogies” – my husband is sort of a distant nephew of Fred Rogers. I can’t prove it, but it’s got to be some sort of genetic thing about making up songs about anything. So the song – what there is of it – is supposed to go like this:

“Do we eat boogies?”

The beat in the first line is on “do” and “boog”, and then the next line is supposed to be “no” on the first beat and the other “no” right before where the second beat should fall. Bill thought it was pretty clever (he is classically trained, after all), and so he tried to get Alex excited about it too. He figured, since Alex is only two, that he’d give Alex the easier line – the “no…no” line, partly because “no” is a word Alex has become pretty good at saying, and (I think) partly because the little story line within the song is the parent making sure the child understands that no, we don’t eat boogies. This little “just checking” Q & A format serves to confirm the child’s understanding of family policy and also provides for the child a sense of pride in getting the answer right. So, Bill took on the role of “parent” in our little song/story, and Alex was given the role of “child.” It went something like this:

Bill: Okay, Alex, ready?
Alex: Yah! (oh, and by the way, he is not saying “yah” as in “ja” – he just says it fairly abruptly, so it doesn’t really sound like “yeah” – it’s shorter. Just wanted you to be aware of that.)
Bill: I say “Do we eat boogies?” and you say “No…no.” Ready?
Alex: Yah.
Bill: (in the sing-songy voice) Do we eat boogies?
Alex: No.
(long pause as Bill waits for Alex to come in with the second “no” any time now…any time now…)
Bill: (demonstrating) “No…no.” Try it again. Ready? Do we eat boogies?
Alex: No.
Bill: “No…no.” Can you say it like that? Try again. Do we eat boogies? (here he nods encouragingly and mouths the next line for Alex – “no…no”)
Alex: NO! Daddy.
Bill: (he cannot stop himself now) Do we eat boogies?
Alex: NO! Stop it, Daddy. (as he runs away)

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