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That’s Julia a few weeks ago at my parents’ house…sitting on my sister’s lap.

Julia, by the way, has made her first foray into the wonderful world of baby cereal. She has started, as Alex did, with delicious, bland rice cereal mixed with some formula. The first time she tried it I’d mixed one part cereal with about 5 parts formula, like the box says, and it was just like I was spooning formula into her mouth, and she kind of looked at me after a few droplets’ worth as if to say “What’s the point of this?” So yesterday and today I added less formula and made more of a wet paste, and that was way more fun to mush around in her mouth, apparently.

She seems to enjoy it – the experience, if not the actual taste. I don’t think she’s encountered excitement in her food yet, other than finally being fed after yelling really loudly for what seems like an eternity.

I propped her on the floor this afternoon, on a towel, on her stomach, wearing only a diaper. And I shot just about a whole roll of black & white film on her holding her head up (“just like a big girl!”). I’d done the same thing with Alex at about this age, and I got some really nice pictures (if I do say so myself), so I’m hoping to do the same with Julia and have matching drooling baby portraits…after the Julia ones are printed I’ll post one of each kid in here. It’s a lot harder taking pictures of Julia – if Alex sees the camera he wants to play with it. So I let him shoot a couple of pictures with the throw-away camera we usually have around, just to satisfy him. Maybe some day I’ll post some of his photographic artwork….

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