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Please Pass the Steak!

At last, Julia has sprouted her first two teeth.  The first one showed up on Monday, and the second one was yesterday.  They are barely visible, surrounded as they are by the bulging, swollen flesh of her lower gum…but if you, like me, have been inspecting her cranky little mouth for days, then you can find them.  And if you can get your finger in there and can shove her pesky little tongue out of the way, you can feel the first one.  It’s about a quarter of a milimeter further out than the second one.

The whole teething thing was a piece of cake with Alex.  I don’t remember much about it, except that all of a sudden, the weekend that he turned 5 months old, those first two bottom teeth showed up.  I do not remember him being as unhappy about the process as Julia has been.  But that could be the same kind of maternal amnesia that prompts mothers of one child to go ahead and go through labor again to get another kid.

So Julia will be demanding real solid food soon.  I know it, judging by the way she eyes the food the rest of us eat.  She gulps down her pureed baby food…but I know it’s not really what she wants. 

We’ll be having roast beef and yorkshire pudding on Christmas at my Mom’s house.  I expect Julia will demand some of that.

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