My Kids

Carnivores R Us

Last Friday morning on the way in to drop off the kids at daycare and then go to work, I was trying to figure out what to have for dinner, and I knew I didn’t want to put much effort into it…but I couldn’t decide what I was in the mood for.

So I asked Alex.  "What would you like for dinner tonight after school?"




"What would you like for dinner tonight after school?

(Silence – but a productive one)

"…We only eat cows," he said.

I do not know what he meant – I didn’t pursue it.  But for the record – we also eat chickens and ducks and turkeys and sheep and pigs and creatures from the sea…along with all kinds of plants and their byproducts.

We do not ONLY eat cows.

But then again, as I think about how he said it – with absolutely no emphasis on any one particular word – might he have meant, just in general, that we only eat cows, as opposed to utilizing them for any other purpose?

I don’t know. 

But this is the sort of thing Alex makes me think about.

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