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Friendly Commando

Julia has learned how to wave.  It’s kind of a limp-wristed wave at the moment, but she’s very proud of herself, which is clear because she smiles really big and you can see all two of her teeth when she does.  Plus her little eyes light right up, which only increases her charm…

She waves at Alex, at us…and at The Baby in Mirror Land.

The Baby in Mirror Land is a little baby who appears to be about Julia’s age and has a mom who appears to be my age (under harsh lighting) and who we mostly visit in the bathrooms, because that is where we have the largest Windows into Mirror Land.

Julia loves to smile at the Baby in Mirror Land…and now that she knows how, she also loves to wave at the Baby in Mirror Land.  And she KNOWS that the best way to see the Baby is when we go into either of the two bathrooms and can look through the big Window into Mirror Land and that charming other Baby and her Mother will be right there waiting. 

So now, Julia begins waving and smiling whenever we are simply near the doorway to one of the bathrooms. 

Because she thinks that’s where we’re going…and so of course as soon as I see her start to wave, we must go in.

Mustn’t disappoint the Baby in Mirror Land, after all.

And the other half of this disjointed story is that Julia is ALMOST crawling.  She can turn herself around while on her stomach, and roll over and over like a tumbleweed, and in her agitation to get at the cat, she can even push herself backwards while shrieking.

But as of yesterday, she can propel herself forward while lying on her stomach, her bare little feet digging into the carpet one at a time and shoving her whole little self forward so she can get to that little tiny black bit of fluff before Mommy sees it and whisks it out of sight and reach.

The chaos looms ever closer.

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