And It Begins…

We had the utility companies mark where the various utility lines are, and even though the gas line pretty much runs right through the area that I want to put the garden in, I won't have to dig deeply there, so I think we'll be fine.  And – best of all – there is space to half-sink the boat, the way I've pictured it.  So – YAY!!

And since schools are on vacation this week and Bill, the teacher, is on vacation too, and the weather is good, and I'm all pumped up about this, it's the perfect time to rip up that section of yard and get things going.  So I'm only working half a day today and I took all day tomorrow off so that we can get the major digging and lugging of the boat done while we're both home and the kids can be in daycare.  Weekends will be okay for planting and stuff, – oh, wait, there I go apologizing for putting my kids in daycare while I do major yard work.  I have to stop that.  Actually, Alex is going to the zoo with Bill this morning, so there.  I'm pathetically insecure about some things. 

Anyway – back to the topic.  I've been calling it "the sunken boat project" – so as I post updates and take pictures, looks like that will be the official title of everything connected with it.

Of course, as usual, my brain is leaps ahead of the actual physical reality.  I already see the finished product.  I need to slow my brain down.  This is not going to be FINISHED tomorrow.  It will only be started.  And then it will be an ongoing thing probably for a decent chunk of time, as I add different plants…put in some kind of border…and whatever else I want to add to the picture.

But anyway, figured I'd make that little announcement.

And now – Alex is getting louder upstairs, oh – and I hear Julia too – so I should get going.

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