Well, maybe not. 

But I got more seeds.  So at this point, here's what's going into the garden, plant-wise:

*  Various iris plants – blues, blue/whites, and whites.  And maybe some of the dark purple dwarf iris I have…because they're short and different from all the other irises.  We'll see.

*  White baby's breath (which I'll start from seed tonight)

*  Forget-me-nots (from seed)

*  Some other blue flowering plant whose name escapes me and the seed packet is downstairs

*  White rock cress (short plant, white flowers)

*  Blue bellflower

*  Bells of Ireland – I grabbed this because the flowers are GREEN  a cool, pale green, and I have wanted something green in the garden other than just the leaves of everything.  I was so excited to see these.  (I'm a little loopy at the moment.)

And then – the ornamental grasses:

Blue Fescue – short (10"), BLUE blades and small blue-green flowers

Northern Sea Oats – about 36", silver green with "showy seed heads that resemble flattened clusters of oats."  The packet doesn't say where the "sea" part comes in, but that was what hooked me.

Tall Moor Grass – gray-green foliage with purple flower spikes.  This one gets up to anywhere from 4 to 7 feet tall.  This one will go behind the boat.

So that's it for that garden.  I'll put stepping stones through it (which I want to make from concrete…with rocks and shells and beach glass embedded in the surface).

Oh – and I measured the garden this morning – sort of.  About 22 feet by 16 and a half.

3 thoughts on “Overboard

  1. I hope so – it looks pretty cool in my head, anyway. I’ll post pictures of the process once it starts coming together. Right now I’m waiting for all my little seeds to sprout….

  2. sounds like a bad case of ocd (obsessive compulsive disorder) to me. hahaha
    HI RED!! you’re correct…it’s been quite a long time since we’ve chatted. i really enjoy your blog. great to catch up on your life and what’s going on. hope you are well.

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