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This morning was full of the usual insanity as the two adults and two children that live in this house did their usual weekday morning stuff to drive each other crazy.  I drove to work tense and mad at myself for yelling at Alex earlier, and annoyed at Bill for pointing it out to me as if he never loses patience.  (At least that’s how it sounded to me).

Anyway…long day at work, also had to bring Julia to the doctor – yep, another ear infection – or the one she just finished antibiotics for never went away. 

And now we’re home, and after a bit of post-daycare Wild Thing-ness from Alex, here is what has prompted me to write:

Alex and Julia crawling – both of them – from the living room toward the kitchen.  Alex in front, pausing every so often to summon Julia with a little beckoning motion and an encouraging "Come on, Julia!  Come on!"  And she makes her little happy noises, and flashes her big fat-cheeked two-toothed smile at him, and follows.

And then the two of them are standing at the child safety gate that separates this computer/music room from the hall.  The gate comes up to Alex’s waist.  Julia is about five inches taller than the gate – when she stretches up – and so just her spikey hair and little forehead and big blue eyes and huge proud smile appear above the gate.  And her two little hands grip the wooden frame of it…Kilroy-like.

And now they are both in the living room.  I don’t know exactly what they’re doing…but Alex is laughing, and Julia is making happy little squawking sounds, and no one is crying.

Of course, as soon as I typed that, Julia started crying.  But she stopped just as quickly, so I think it was just annoyance.

And now Alex is calling to me "I got Julia’s hair!  I got Julia’s hair" so there could be another cry of annoyance or anger or pain or just-you-wait-buddy-til-i’m-a-bit-bigger-and-you’ll-get-yours soon.

But no.  Quiet.  They are playing together.  Or playing in the same room and occasionally interacting.  Sometimes they just make faces at each other and laugh great belly laughes over and over and over.

Two children under the age of three is insane at times.  But I’m so glad I have the two of them.  And glad, more so, that they have each other.

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