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My sister’s kids are here for the weekend.  Bill went to pick them up yesterday afternoon, and my sister will come get them tomorrow – and we’ll all have Julia’s birthday dinner here late tomorrow afternoon before they go home.

It is a noisy house now – lots of laughing, shrieking, singing…Alex growling at Calvin "You’re a fireman, Calvin" – no idea what that really means…Julia’s taking a nap at the moment but she’s been having fun too – carried around by her older cousins…lots of attention…lots of entertainment.

We took everyone to a nursery near where we used to live – it’s out of the way (there’s one just up the street from us in fact) but we like this place a lot, so it’s worth the little drive.  Came home with soil and manure in the back of the truck and an assortment of annuals and perennials in my Outback. 

We got impatiens for the side garden in the back yard that’s shaded by the neighbor’s arborvitae (however it’s spelled – big evergreens, basically), and Bill has been reading about roses and found a "Mr. Lincoln" – they’re hardy, hybrid tea roses that grow well in just about any climate – including ours, which is currently cold and windy and not welcoming to all the little seedlings I’ve got hanging around the basement. 

Anyway, to continue…I got a couple varieties of columbine, and a beach rose – white – for the sunken boat garden.  Some other little annuals to fill in the gaps while other perennials grow and fill in. 

Next weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  Three days off.  I hope the weather warms up.  It’s just too cold right now to put some things outside…and my sunken boat garden is still just a boat and a lake of dirt.  I’d like to get going on it next weekend…that would be really, really nice.

Oh, and the first of my irises bloomed yesterday – and a second flower on the same stalk bloomed today.  It’s purple, with a little yellow at the base of each petal.  There are a ton more just on the verge of blooming.  This week should see a burst of purple and white in front of my house. 

And that’s the update.  Bill is making paella for dinner, and it’s just about ready, so I am going to go wake up Julia now and holler downstairs for the other three kids. 

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