Minor Setback

I overdid it last weekend.  I was digging the hole to sink the boat in and I had to do it with a trowel instead of a shovel because there were so many roots going through that area…anyway, I was DETERMINED to get that hole dug.

And so when I felt some sharp little pain in my left arm near the wrist, and through the back of my hand, I ignored it because I was SO close to being done.

Well – I wasn't as close as I thought.  We brought the boat over, stuck it in the hole – and it's not wide enough for the boat to kind of lean back at an aesthetically pleasing angle.  So out came the boat and by that point it was too late to do any more digging, which is just as well because now I've got a swollen area on the back of my arm, near the wrist – the thumb side – and I got it x-rayed yesterday and nothing's broken, but they figure it's tendonitis – which I've aggravated by doing all my normal things like lifting small children, writing, opening jars, stuff like that.  So anyway I'm wearing my carpal tunnel wrist brace now to keep myself from overworking it.

And on top of all that annoyingness, I've got a massive sinus infection.  I've had a headache for I don't know how long.  I went to bed at 7:00 last night and got up at quarter to 6 this morning…and I still feel like I could go back to bed and sleep for another 200 hours.

But it's time to get the kids' socks and sneakers on (well, sneakers on Alex) and head out to daycare and to work.

But that's the update.

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