Just a thought…

I find it…interesting…that a person who actually gets angry when it is suggested that her behavior, her actions, might, in fact, impact the lives of people close to her…will get so angry, indignant, whatever, that she will insist that it is her life, and that we should just get on with ours and be happy…this same person will take someone else’s difficult situation and…embrace it…sort of…as something new to be overwhelmed by, as if it is happening to her and not to anyone else…and that this new thing, which is not happening directly to her at all…this new thing is apparently a damn good reason to dive right off the wagon.

Interesting, isn’t it…that events in the lives of the people we care about, that the behavior of, and the choices made by, those same people…that all of these things touch the rest of us and shape us and influence us and grab and pull at our emotions.  Whether we want them to or not.  No matter which of us is suffering, and which of us look on, foolishly wishing we could fix everything, and knowing, by now, that we can’t.

…maybe "interesting" isn’t the right word for it…"stale" and "sour" might be more accurate at this point.

One thought on “Just a thought…

  1. Yes, I find it stale and sour, too. Also sometimes hurtful and frustrating. But then I’m usually hurt and frustrated when a person becomes angry with me for something that according to them is either my fault or something that I should fix, the same something that is not directly associated with anyone we know and can that we could only have a small influence with if any, having done our best.
    Yes, I have one of those people too.
    Happen to have been born between June 21 and July 21, too. That I find …interesting and a little amusing…I wonder if its a trait of crabs.
    Have enjoyed reading … have laughed… have thought… thank you.

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