Almost Forgot!

I just looked at the inside of the back cover of What to Do When – And Why and found a wealth of handy birth-date related stuff.  There are five columns, which tell you that "If Your Birthday Is…" "Your Zodiac Sign is…"  (the zodiac sign itself), "Your Birthstone is…" and "Your Flower is…"

Naturally I checked out my own.  My birthday is between June 21 and July 20, so I am a Cancer, the Crab.  My birthstone is the Ruby, and my flower is the Sweet Pea.  I didn’t know about the flower, to tell you the truth.  But here’s the best part – a slight description of prominent personality traits follows the name of each zodiac sign.  Now, I know a lot of the things that are supposed to describe me – I’m moody, emotional, a homebody, hard on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside, stuff like that.  But here’s what Young and Buchwald have to say about me (Mere – ready to laugh?): 


Cancer  (May cry when small things go wrong…because she loves the whole world and hates suffering)

 HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.  Sorry.  Couldn’t help it.  It was either that or burst into soft-hearted tears of world-suffering-related pain.  I don’t cry when small things go wrong because I love the whole world.  I don’t love the WHOLE world, anyway; just select portions of it.  And sure, I’m anti-suffering, but still – that’s got nothing to do with small things going wrong.  I cry – when I cry – because at the moment, something is REALLY HORRIBLE to me.  Like when my husband eats the last of the Tostitos "Scoops" and the guacamole and can’t understand that I probably was saving it for after the kids are in bed and I can eat without having to feed Julia-the-vacuum-cleaner and pick up all the stuff she "Uh-Oh!" drops on the floor.   It’s not a small thing at the time.  It’s BIG.  But I cry less, now, because I am taking a prescribed anti-depressant, and fortunately I can muddle through despite my love of the whole world and my pain over all the suffering out there.

    And Mere – can’t leave you out. 

    My sister was born between October 23 and November 22.  She is, therefore (anyone?  anyone?) a Scorpio.  The Scorpion.  Her Birthstone is the Topaz, and her flower is the Chrysanthemum.  And here’s the best part: 

    Scorpio (May be hypersensitive…because she’s courageous on the outside, tender on the inside)

 Oddly enough, while initially I was going to make fun of that, there are elements of truth.  She’s a tough cookie on the surface, and she doesn’t cry over little things (because she truly doesn’t love the whole world…in fact, it’s lucky she allows it to live at all) like I do – she keeps the tears hid, most of the time.  She’s pretty cool, my sister.  She must have paid more attention to the book than I did.

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  1. Do me! Do me!!! And I completely agree on the tostito scoop thing. (Although it is usually the sound of Tom scraping the ice cream from his bowl that makes me leap from my bed, out of a sound sleep to screech, “I WAS SAVING THAT!!!!!”)

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