By Request

I’m going to post a couple more descriptions of signs of the zodiac from my beloved copy of the book, What to Do When – And Why  – one of the two books I’ve decided to excerpt as often as I can for a while. 

For you, Beth (and for my daughter, too…)


If your birthday is between April 21  to May 20, your zodiac sign is Taurus, the Bull…your birthstone is the emerald, your flower is the Lily of the Valley, and you…May be a bit stubborn…but what tenacity and dependability!

And another one for a number of family members and friends….


If your birthday is between November 23 and December 20, your zodiac sign is Sagittarius, the Archer.  Your birthstone is the Turquoise or Zircon, your flower is the Poinsettia, and she…May take too many risks…but everybody trust and admires her)

Any other requests?

4 thoughts on “By Request

  1. I never said any of this was accurate according to the stars – I am merely copying what is printed in the book, sweetheart.

  2. No – not YOU! And certainly not my daughter, who not only says “No” with a maturity and determination beyond her almost fifteen months…but she also is developing an ear-piercing screech to reiterate that “no.” Help me…..

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