Can’t Resist One More…

Well okay, since I’ve officially started this crusade to introduce oldie-but-goodie manners to the modern world, I have to excerpt something from the other book in my two-book collection – Your Manners are Showing.

Let’s see…

Okay, since they amuse me so much, and they’re short and punchy, I’ll share a few of the verses with you.  The verses are sprinkled heavily throughout the book.  I think the idea is to give all you young teens something easily memorized that you can refer to quickly in some make-or-break-you social situation…

So here we go…


When at the dance be sure to go
    And bid the chaperone "Hello!"
    It’s not so difficult to do
    – Remember that she’s human too.

And then there’s this one:


You’re out with Tad and up comes Nan,
    But even if she’d like your man
    Politely say "Nan, this is Tad."
    – Name lad to gal, not gal to lad.

(I guess the modern-day equivalent would go something like

    You’re out with Tad and up comes Nan,
    It’s plain she wants to steal your man
    Invite him now to cop a feel
    – Cuz hers are fake and yours are real.

Okay, enough of that, I’m blushing too madly to continue.

Here’s just another little gem before I stop for the moment.  This is from a chapter called "Introducin’" (to be followed by a chapter called "Punctuatin’"), and this little trio of paragraphs are under the heading "When You are Introduced."  Pay attention, y’all:


A simple "How do you do," a good firm handshake, and a pleasant smile as you look at the other person is the correct way to receive an introduction.  The person who mutters "pleasedtameetcha" while gazing in the opposite  direction will obviously make a zero-minus impression.

    Boys usually shake hands with each other when they meet for the first time.  A boy shakes hands with a girl only if she offers her hand to him first, and two girls shake hands only if one decides to do so.  Both girls and boys should always shake hands with parents or older persons if it is convenient to do so.

    Upon leaving, one person usually says, "Delighted to have met you" and instead of saying something like "Same here!" it’s better to say "Thank you, I hope we meet again soon."  Try to avoid canned replies.  You’ll do better if you use simple, cordial expressions that sound as though you meant them.   

Well.  I hope you’ve absorbed all that and will make good use of it as you go out into the world.

And until I type again, pleasedtameetcha!

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  1. Your out with Tad and up comes Nan
    But not to worry,
    Cause she’s a man
    Who likes to pretend that she’s a girl
    And wear silk panties, to give it a whirl!

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