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I really meant to keep posting excerpts from the two books on manners on a semi-regular basis – really I did.  But best laid plans, and all that. 

Last week we took an unplanned, family-emergencyish trip to Florida – with the kids.  Left early Monday morning, returned Thursday evening.  By the way, in case you didn’t notice that remark in the previous sentence – we took the kids.

Never flown with my very own three-year-old and one-year-old on a 3 hour nonstop flight before.  It was, how you say, interesting.  All in all, to be fair, they behaved pretty much the way children of that age are SUPPOSED to behave.  Kicking the tray tables that are attached to the seats in front of them, whining when bored and – on Julia’s part – screaming loudly and without stopping to breath every half hour or so.  In the meantime, I desperately tried to keep her happy.  I also prayed for her to fall asleep, but she didn’t do that until she was pretty much worn out from eating and screaming.  That is to say, she fell asleep as we began our descent – both going to FL and coming back.  So I had about ten to fifteen minutes of peace each way. 

And that doesn’t even count the lugging of two kids, Julia’s car seat, and three bags through the airport and the x-ray thing and everywhere else we went.  It was exhausting.  But it was a good workout – I know what muscles in my arms need some improving…

So anyway, we’re home and pretty well caught up on laundry and shopping and all that…and school starts (for Bill, the teacher) tomorrow, so it’s back to the get-up-really-early routine again.  Which is okay with me.  I kind of like having a specific routine.  My big goal is to STAY organized beyond this week, as far as getting everything ready the night before, grocery shopping efficiently, and all that crazy stuff.  HA HA. 

But meanwhile, I just wanted to let you all know that Alex is currently a scary dinosaur, running around in his little white underpants, roaring at the top of his little lungs at Julia, who just grins at him and sometimes roars in her soft, purr-like scary roaring voice.  It’s cute.  Yes.  At the moment, they are being a pair of very cute kids.  Of course, I don’t really want to go back out to the kitchen.  I’d given them each a little bowl of goldfish crackers for a snack…and of course Julia wanted the ones in Alex’s bowl, which led to much screaming…and then Alex ran over to the little keep-the-children-out-of-this-room gate we have that allows me to remain physically out of the reach of children for a little while – and he told me that ALL the goldfish were ALL over the floor.  And he grinned and laughed and raced back to the kitchen.  I called to his white-blond-haired little self to pick up all the fish.  But he didn’t.  He reported back that "I SMASH all the goldfish!" and ran off again.  Roaring.  Loudly.  Meanwhile Julia, clad only in her diaper, is scooting across the floor on her butt.  Her arms are up in the air, and she is smiling, so apparently it’s a fun thing to do.

Oh.  And Alex has a pet lizard.  An anole.  Bill taught Alex to catch them when we were in Florida, and then, apparently, Alex decided he wanted a pet lizard, once he got back here.  Actually, it went more like this:

Bill:  Alex, would you like to have a pet lizard like the ones we saw in Florida?

Alex:  Yes!!

And yesterday Bill and Alex went out to run some errands and – surprise, surprise, came home with a little lizard ("Mommy!  We caught a lizard!") and some crickets for his food.  He lives in a little fish tank that Bill fixed up for him, and seems as happy as a little lizard could be under such conditions. 

I asked Alex what the lizard’s name was yesterday – "Wonga Wonga Wonga."  Okay.  It’s his lizard.  But then last night, at bedtime, I told Alex to go say goodnight to Wonga Wonga Wonga and he informed me (rather scornfully, if you want to know) "His name’s not Wonga Wonga Wonga – that’s silly."

So I asked what the lizard’s real name is, and Alex told me "Sundun."  ???  Sundin?  "No – SUNDUN."  Ah.  (It’s definitaly a Lion King influenced name).

This morning the name changed briefly to "Tundun" – but now it’s back to Wonga Wonga Wonga.

I’m sure of it because Alex just said so.

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  1. I thought that you wrote, “And Alex has a pet lizard. An asshole.” I was all like, “Whoa! That has got to be one bad pet!”

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