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New Teacher

Just got home from work and from picking the kids up at daycare.  Alex had his first full day in the preschool room today, and I asked him if he had a good day, what he did, etc. 

And then I asked him who his teachers were…and he couldn’t think of their names, so I prompted him with one of them, and then he said

"And Miss Brabra." 

"You mean Miss Barbara?"

"Yeah, Miss Brabra.  There’s TWO Miss Brabras!"


"There’s two (girl’s name) too…the other one is pretty."

2 thoughts on “New Teacher

  1. I love it when kids say those sort of things! The cool thing about your blog (which I read as often as possible) is that you will have a record of all of those sort of moments. (Valuable material to embarrass your children when they reach that obnoxious state).

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