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The Perfect Day

…for roasting a chicken and making mashed potatoes and gravy with mushrooms and caramelized onions and white wine to go along with it…and stuffing too…and roasting the 3 remaining acorn squashes from our garden…kind of a mini-Thanksgiving.  I can smell it in my head.

It is cold and rainy and raw – my favorite weather.  Perfect weather for going to Barnes & Noble to buy something new to read…perfect for sitting in the store's cafe, with a biscotti and a latte, reading a chapter or two of this new book, whatever it turns out to be. 

Perfect weather later tonight, after the kids are in bed, finally, and dinner is over and the kitchen is cleaned up, for me to take a nice, hot, bubble bath and read more of my new book, whatever it is, and sip a glass of chardonnay and just relax.

Perfect weather this morning to bring the kids to my parents' house, meet up with my sister and her kids, and hang out drinking coffee and eating asiago bagels and watching Julia strut around grabbing breakable things in the no-longer-childproofed house….

I am just waiting for Bill to finish the clean-up work (he brewed beer this morning – a drizzly cold brew day means a good batch of beer) and then I can leave the house and go to the book store and the grocery store and who knows where else…my afternoon of solitude in the cold and drizzle. 

I love October.

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