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The Way to a Man’s Heart

Alex will be in the preschool room full time starting next week.  He’s been spending part of his time in early preschool, and part in preschool, so I should have realized they were transitioning him.  The teacher told me on Friday that they’d put the transition notice in his folder – I didn’t see it if it was there. 

But anyway, the early preschool teacher had gathered all his artwork and other stuff and put them in a folder for me to bring home on Friday.  When I got home and got the kids settled, I looked through the folder…a construction paper "chocolate chip cookie" that I remember seeing on the wall of his room recently…a construction paper owl…and – this startled me – little kid writing paper.  You know, the kind with lots of space between the lines, and that dotted line in between the main lines to help you practice your lower case letters…

So there they were…some pages of this paper.  One has a big scribbled bunch of colors that the teacher titled "A lion."  (I misread that at first and thought it said "Alion" and since I had no idea what that might mean, I decided that the teacher hadn’t known how to spell "Alien" and they had been drawing creatures from outer space that day.  But no…it’s a lion.

And another page has his name written out (by the teacher):  A L E X in all caps.  And a shaky little penciled tracing of those letters, and then the letters copied in pencil below.  I don’t think Alex formed the letters on his own…I think the teacher helped him.  But still.  How weird – to see the first example of his handwriting…

And the other page – my favorite one – is this:

We_eat  (It’s easier to read if you click on the picture first…or, if that doesn’t help, it says:  I love my family because…we eat.")

      And of course, we do

I’m just trying to figure out what meal he was illustrating…must have been from the tail end of summer, when we had blueberries and raspberries ripening.

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