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We’re in trouble now

We’ve been using a portable playpen to block off the stairs to the second floor – to keep Julia penned in on the main floor.

Then she started to get strong enough to move the playpen out of the way, so we put the vacuum cleaner in there and that has worked very well.

Until today.

She has moved the playpen multiple times and each time she gets through the barricade, she books it up the stairs like a little wild creature, quiet and fast.

So I put the stroller in the playpen with the vacuum cleaner, figuring that would buy me a few more weeks of mental health.

But no.

She can move that too. 

Alex loves it:  "Mommy!  Julia’s going up the stairs!" And since I was in here fixing a torn page in one of Alex’s books, I yelled into the kitchen to Bill, who apparently hadn’t heard Alex sound the alarm, because he just kind of said "What?  Where’s Julia?  Did she really go up the stairs?"  "YES!" and so he headed up the stairs to catch the little wild creature, with Alex following along, laughing gleefully. 

She is great entertainment for him.

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