Worth a Thousand Words

I was looking through a couple of OLD photo albums of mine.  Oh my god.  They are hysterical.  And for the most part, the contents will not be posted here.

The first time I ever had a camera – a little instamatic with one of those flash cubes you had to stick on top – I shot the whole roll of film in about 90 seconds – much to the consernation of my photographer father.

I noticed a tendancy throughout the two albums I’ve looked at – 65% of the pictures at that time (70s-80s) were of family pets.  There are a LOT of pictures of cats.  And my doberman.  And the things they were doing.  Or not doing.  Or when they were sleeping.  On a chair.  On the floor.  On my bed.  On my sister’s bed.  You get the idea. 

Anyway, I’ll scan some pictures in and post them today if I can.  Right now I hear children coming.  And one of them doesn’t sound happy….

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