2 thoughts on “This morning

  1. why…i remember the days when you and i roomed together at UCONN and you would sing such ditties to me and the rest of the housemates. rick and i would pop some pop corn and break out the rootbeer and sit, peacefully, listening to you sing your heart out. rick was more interested in the rock and roll you use to sing – probably because of the out outfits you would wear. i, however, liked your blues/torch song period. i would weep listening to you sing such balads as “oh, my man…where did i put him?” and “get your hand off my knee ’till you buy me dinner”. those TRUELY were the days.

  2. Um…Ralph…it’s T R U L Y…not “truely.”

    (because I know you’ll be disappointed if I don’t point that out to you…)

    Oh – and as far as the rest of your comment? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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