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(taken directly from an instant messaged conversation with my sister the other morning when i should have been working…)

me: this morning while i was getting julia dressed
me: and repeatedly asking alex to please take off his jammies and his pull up and put on his underwear and pants (over and over and over)

me: he finally took off his jammies and the pull up (which he just HAS to FLING into the air.  fortunately he is dry just about every morning now.  but still)

me: anyway

me: i'm trying to get julia's diaper on – like wrestling an octopus – and he's leaping around, happily naked for the moment – "Mommy!  I don't have any clothes on!"

me: and then he comes over toward me

me: saying

me: "my pee-pee"

me: i said "what about it"

me: and he said

me: "my pee pee is all twinkled up!"


mere: what did you say?

me: i said "what?"

me: and he said it again, so of course i looked to see what "all twinkled up" might possibly mean

me: and i think it actually means "brrrr, it sure is cold in here"

mere: aahhhh.  Heehee

me: all twinlked up

me: twinkled, i mean

mere: Oh

me: and a julia thing
me: she LOVES the wizard of oz…or "Boz" as she calls the movie…

me: especially the singing and SKIPPING they do

mere: heehee

me: we were watching last night, alex and me on the couch and julia on the floor destroying one of alex's books…and the munchkins started singing happily because the witch was dead, and – as we have seen her do every time – julia got to her feet and started "skipping" all around the room, with a big big BIG smile on her face

mere: how cute

me: but she doesn't skip, it's more like a canter – there's one foot that always leads.  she doesn't switch back and forth.

mere: skipping is hard

me: yep

me: she thinks she's skipping.

me: bill has heard her say "kip!  kip!" while she's doing it

mere: heeheehee

me: it's extremely cute

mere: i bet

me: and at one point when some munckin is climbing out of a hole in the yellow brick road (i think it's when glinda is singing "come out come out wherever you are," etc) julia ran over to the tv and pointed at him right in the face.  she likes the little munchkin boy.  i think he's one of the lollipop guild guys…

mere: its guild?

me: yeah

mere: i thought it was lollipop kids
mere: :-[

me: there's the lullaby league (the ballerinas)…and the lollipop guild.

me: i used to think it was kids too.

me: but i read it was "guild" somewhere…

mere: i never knew it was league either

me: oh

mere: oh

me: i always thought the middle of the lollipop guild guys looked sort of like grandad.

mere: hahahaha  i'll have to take a closer look next time

me: i think it reminds me of that black and white picture of grandad in the bowler hat, with a cigar, looking like a thug…

mere: oh

me: oh

me: and

me: apparently alex had stuff on his face yesterday morning when i dropped him off at daycare.  his teacher checked his face this morning just before i left and oh it's too long to go into but jeepers crow some days i just feel so worn out after i bring him there.

me: and it's actually NOT oatmeal or milk…it's his runny nose that he wipes across his right cheek.  OKAY????

mere: that woman is so weird

me: i go through periods where i think – no – FEAR – that somehow, due to some incompetency of mine – he is going to somehow be a kid other kids make fun of.  i don't know why i do this, but i do.  and he's fine. and he has his little friends, and all that.  but still…this is what sneaks around the back of my mind…and then i've got HER bringing up something like his messy face…so…I'm sending my child in to preschool DIRTY.  IS THAT IT?

mere: hahahahahahaha
mere: its HER.

me: i know

me: but it's also MEEEEE

me: because that is how my brain works sometimes

mere: yeah, but thats normal

me: oh

mere: its the naked parent moments

me: yeah

mere: you'll get used to it.

me: sometimes i can laugh about it

me: other times i can't.

mere: thats good

mere: i know

mere: i know how that is

me: but if i write about it…usually i can end up laughing about it
me: because then i can read how silly it all really is

mere: yeah

me: plus, Alex can say – and identify – a parasauralophus.

me: Which is a dinosaur that has a weird bone thing sticking off the top of it's head…pointing toward the back.  It's one of the "bonehead" dinosaurs.

me: He knows that.

mere: thats good.  whats wrong with that?

me: NOTHING.  He knows his dinosaurs.

me: that's really cool.

mere: oh good

me: he's perfectly fine.  i'm the wack-job.

mere: too bad about the snotty face

me: yeah

mere: if it wasn't for that he'd be normal

me: 🙂

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