For Beth, just because I know you’ll get a kick out of these.

I was in the kitchen this morning putting away groceries.  The kids were downstairs watching Shrek or something…and Bill was upstairs sleeping with a hot water bottle on his head and the AC blasting and wishing the migraine pain would go away. Julia came up the stairs and spotted the juice boxes I was puttingContinue reading “For Beth, just because I know you’ll get a kick out of these.”

Just Like the Rest of Them

Yesterday afternoon we went to Alex’s best friend’s birthday party.  It was HOT outside.  Hot.  Got that?  HOT.  Miserable.  Fortunately for the kids, the party included a pool and a slip n’ slide with two lanes to slip and slide on. Fortunately for the parents, there were shady places to sit and cold beverages. ThereContinue reading “Just Like the Rest of Them”

High Fives and Shouts of Encouragement

I’ve got a picture of Julia on my computer desktop at work.  Sometimes I have a picture of Alex.  Or sometimes both of them.  I change it every week or so. But right now it’s Julia.  It’s the picture of her from my previous post – she’s in her diaper, outside, with the ice creamContinue reading “High Fives and Shouts of Encouragement”